The Session

It’s important for you to know that your session is just as important to ME as it is to YOU! I love to focus on connection between you and your loved ones. The most important thing I want my clients’ to remember coming into a session is to be relaxed. The more comfortable you are in the moment, the more you will love the photos! Be prepared to get close, snuggle, tickle, be silly & most importantly have fun at your session. I will help with light ‘posing’ but will mostly just ask you to get close and enjoy the time with your family & let me capture it. Plan to spend at least an hour with me at your shoot, unless you are planning a milestone mini which are about 20 minutes long. I focus on getting lots of different backdrops, groupings and creating a story that is specific to your life!

When I come home from each session I anxiously download the images from your gallery. I LOVE that it’s hard not to smile when I see a photo of you tickling your wiggly two year old, or I feel mushy-gushy seeing a photo of love birds sharing a smile between ‘poses’. These are the most important moments that I aim to capture in each session. I know that you will have the same feelings of love and laughter when you view your gallery. My goal is to create lasting memories of your family genuinely enjoying each other!